B.S. Exercise Science Cal Poly SLO
ACE Personal Trainer
ACSM Health/Fitness Instructor
Gravity Personal Training Instructor
Kinesis Personal Training Instructor
American Heart Association CPR/AED
National Ski Patrol Emergency First Aid & Rescue

My educational background is in corporate health promotion. I’ve performed exercise testing, instructed exercise classes and provided hundreds exercise programs to the members of the following organizations.

General Dynamics
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Marriott’s Camelback Spa & Resort
Frog’s Fitness
Boys & Girls Clubs
Del Mar Workout
San Diego Beach Volleyball Club
San Diego Premiere Field Hockey

After working in corporate wellness I found my strength to be one on one or small group physical training. The most enjoyment I find is in creating resistance training programs for weight control while using weighted bars, plates, elastic bands, own body weight, dumbbells or whatever to give you GREAT total body workouts! My clients and I establish guidelines together for cardio exercise, flexibility and nutrition. Training clients to me is a very rewarding and I truly believe there is no greater reward than helping a client get in shape and stay in great shape. I’m pleased to have a wide range of clients from variety of backgrounds and I honestly enjoy training men, women or young adults from teenagers to senior citizens and of all fitness levels.

My hometown is San Diego and I grew up here participating in many recreational activities. In my free time, I enjoy surfing, jogging, hiking, biking, golf, tennis, playing beach volleyball with friends and practicing yoga.



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